千葉県出身9歳からサックスを始める。中学時代には吹奏楽部に所属し全国大会に出場 2回金賞を受賞。高校進学と同時にジャズに転向理論とジャズサックスを川村裕司に師事する 高校卒業後尚美ミュージックカレッジ専門学校に進学し宮崎明生に師事。在学中から坂田稔カルテットに参加しプロ活動を開始。様々なアーティストのレコーディングやライブに参加する傍ら自らのグループでライブ活動も並行して行う。

I started playing the saxophone in Chiba when he was 9.

He became a member of the brass band of his junior high school, he joined several contests and won golden prizes twice.

During this time he started studying jazz with Yuji Kawamura.

After his junior high school diploma he joined Shobi Music College and studied with Akio Miyazaki.

In addiction, he started his professional career as studio and live saxophonist, collaborating with several artists.